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We now charge members a one-time fee of $4.99 to prevent spam, maintain the quality of the group, cover existing costs and provide new services for the group.

You can see a breakdown of the costs at: http://www.hashtagmusic.audio/hashtagmusic-cost

Why are we charging $4.99?
   -> Since day 1, the #music community has been for people who care deeply about music. As we grow, this is one way to make sure that we stay true to our mission by only allowing folks who are committed to quality music.
   -> Our current members range from DJ’s, artists, radio show hosts/selectors, technologists working on innovating the music industry to music heads who spend hours digging in crates to find sounds worth unearthing. Connecting with them could be priceless.
   -> When it comes to music, we believe that less is more. Behind the doors of #music, our community has shared sounds only essential enough be worth your time. Music curation at its finest.
   -> We don’t care about making a profit - but unfortunately the services that make #music possible cost money.  We started the community out of a pure passion for music and didn’t think twice about emptying our pockets to make it possible. As we strive to constantly improve the offering, our broke asses can’t keep up with the costs. For the price of your daily coffee...you get the point.

If you would prefer not to pay the fee, you are welcome to email us at theneedle@hashtagmusic.audio letting us know your reasons why.
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A collection of groovy jams to compliment your waavy day. The time is now for you jamsters to keep on jammin' like a hamsters that keeps on slammin'. You'll be listenin' to new jams in no time.

Hail Mary, hallelujah, and full of all types of grace this slack channel is! It brings the beats that pound like rain, but the flava to ease the pain.

Grab your bags, fill your cup, take a seat, and buckle up - cuz here comes the waaves.

Y'all funky funksters must NOT keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times...aalll aboard!
Let's get you groovin'
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